If you don't know who the title is about, then you need to add in one more TV show to watch! April Ludgate is a character on NBC's "Parks and Recreation." The show itself is about a group of people who work in the Parks and Recreation committee in their local city council. That was a very quick summary but the show is great! It is one of the most hilarious shows playing on TV today with characters you can't help but love! More about the show to come soon in our 'Things We Love' section. Back to April...we absolutely love her style on the show! (All the ladies on Parks and Rec have impeccable style!) So cute, comfy, and casual yet perfect for office work. Below are some outfits inspired by her with pieces she regularly wears. 
Cardigans are a staple in April Ludgate's closet! Paired with either a patterned blouse or graphic tee is the usual. Choose some bright colors, and don't be afraid to wear some colored jeans! Decide on a skirt? Try tucking the blouse in and adding a pair of tights to tie the outfit together!
These jackets April has been known to wear are more for that cooler fall weather. Try wearing them with a sweater underneath to stay warm.