We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.” 
-Aristotle Onassis
Ahhhh, the sea. Although STYLEBAZAAR headquarters are located on the east coast, I don't think K and I have visited a body for water for ages! So wearing nautical/sail inspired outfits will have to do for now!
These were the funnest sets I've made so far. I love anything nautical, so it was easy to put these together. We kept to the color combinations of red, white, and blue, choosing lighter and darker colors of each. And of course we had to include stripes on the shirts. Finding a boat neck (pun not intended) striped shirt is surprisingly easy to find. After some scouting online I was pleased to find ones that look exactly  like the ones above for 7-10 bucks at Forever21. Boat necks instantly  make you look graceful and chic, whether you're wearing jeans/shorts/or trousers. And if you don't want to look too much like a sailor, simple touches like anchor earrings or high-waisted shorts with strategically placed buttons should do. By strategically placed buttons, I mean buttons that are like the blue shorts above, where the buttons are in a row and are usually brass. And of course top the outfit off with some groovy sunglasses and matching nailpolish. 🚢
These outfits are just how you would look sailorish with jeans. We stuck to the same rules, just changed the boat necked shirts for sweaters, cardigans or looser shirts, and the shorts for jeans. Striped cardigans are also pretty easy to find. H&M has a really cute striped cardigan that comes in black or blue for $19.95 as well as Delias for $14.99. Lastly, I'd like to talk about the flare jeans. We all know that sailor's pants are ridiculously flared >_<  so since we can't exactly wear those,          flared jeans are our cuter alternative. 🌊                                                                          
Now if you're a dress lovin' kinda gal, these are the sets for you. We know, we know, polka dots aren't nautical! But somehow (the color combinations?) make the outfit perfect for a stroll near a river or a ride on a ferry.  From the fedora to the heart shaped sunglasses, we had a lot of fun making these outfits. Don't be afraid to play around with your accessories! A hat or a crazy pair of sunglasses can really top off an outfit sometimes. I also really like red lipstick, so I try to include in a lot of outfits. If your wearing reading lipstick, just take it easy on the rest of the makeup you put on. For example, wearing red lipstick and blue eyeshadow isn't really a good look, unless your a clown or Ursula from the Little Mermaid. But whether your wearing a dress, a pair of shorts, or jeans as long as it's nautical, it's a classic. Until next post!   ⚓ 
                                   XOXO, Z

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